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Java Object Serialization Interview Questions

How many methods in the Serializable interface? Which methods of Serializable interface should I implement?

There is no method in the Serializable interface. It’s an empty interface which does not contain any methods. The Serializable interface acts as a marker, telling the object serialization tools that the class is serializable. So we do not implement any methods.

What is the difference between Serializalble and Externalizable interface? How can you control over the serialization process i.e. how can you customize the seralization process?

When you use Serializable interface, your class is serialized automatically by default. But you can override writeObject() and readObject() two methods to control more complex object serailization process. When you use Externalizable interface, you have a complete control over your class’s serialization process. This interface contains two methods namely readExternal and writeExternal. You should implement these methods and write the logic for c…

Garbage collection interview questions

Explain garbage collection?
How you can force the garbage collection?
What is the purpose of garbage collection in Java, and when is it used?
What is Garbage Collection and how to call it explicitly?
Explain Garbage collection mechanism in Java?
Garbage collection is one of the most important features of Java. The purpose of garbage collection is to identify and discard objects that are no longer needed by a program so that their resources can be reclaimed and reused. A Java object is subject to garbage collection when it becomes unreachable to the program in which it is used. Garbage collection is also called automatic memory management as JVM automatically removes the unused variables/objects (value is null) from the memory. Every class inherits finalize() method from java.lang.Object, the finalize() method is called by garbage collector when it determines no more references to the object exists. In Java, it is good idea to explicitly assign null into a variable when no …

Java Interview Questions and answers

What if the main method is declared as private?
The program compiles properly but at runtime it will give “Main method not public.” message.
What is meant by pass by reference and pass by value in Java?
Pass by reference means, passing the address itself rather than passing the value. Pass by value means passing a copy of the value.
If you’re overriding the method equals() of an object, which other method you might also consider?
What is Byte Code?
What gives java it’s “write once and run anywhere” nature?
All Java programs are compiled into class files that contain bytecodes. These byte codes can be run in any platform and hence java is said to be platform independent.
Expain the reason for each keyword of public static void main(String args[])?
public- main(..) is the first method called by java environment when a program is executed so it has to accessible from java environment. Hence the access specifier has to be public.
static: Java environment should be able to ca…