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Volley: Easy, Fast Networking for Android - Example

Volley is a library that makes networking for Android apps easier and most importantly, faster. We'll give an overview of how it works, common patterns that work well with it, and a walkthrough of how you can easily load thumbnail images for your ListView from the network in parallel.

Volley can be powerful alternative of AsyncTask. As Android developers, we are spending lots of time to write AsyncTask for ListView and web service calls.  Recently I read awesome article about AsyncTask, I suggest all Android developers to read this article "Dark Side of AsyncTask" by +Fré Dumazy,  AsyncTask is redundant in every project. I hope many developer are agree with me, Thank to Volley framework now we can reduct effort,coding and time to write AsyncTasks.

This article illustrate simple example of Volley library. VolleyTest application fetch JSON feed from Yahoo Pipe and display in ListView.

Step 1: Download/Clone Volley library from git repo

 git clone https://android.googlesou…

Android Boot Sequence / Process

What happened when I press power on button in my Android device ? What is Android boot sequence ? What is linux kernel ? What is different between desktop linux kernel and Android linux kernel ? What is bootloader ? What is Zygote ? What is x86 and ARM linux ? What is init.rc ? What is System Server ? Many questions pop-up in mind when we think about Android boot sequence. Here I am explaining Android boot process. I hope you will find answer of above questions.
Android is linux based open source operating system, x86 (x86 is a series of computer microprocessor instruction set architectures based on the Intel 8086 CPU.) is most likely system where linux kernel is deployed however all Android devices are running on ARM process (ARM (formerly Advanced RISC Machine, which was formerly Acorn RISC Machine)) except Intel’s Xolo device ( Xolo comes with Atom 1.6 GHz x86 processor. Android boot sequence or I can say embedded device or ARM based linux has minor differen…

Bottom TabBar control

Introduction In this tutorial, You will learn how to create application with bottom TabBar Control. Tab Bar control is present in Android UI component but It always displays at top of screen. Many times we required to display Tabs at bottom of screen, just like iPhone, Unfortunately Android native TabBar control does not provide facility to display Tabs at bottom of the screen.  

Let's develop Tabbar Control.
I assume that you know basic of Android application development.
Before start the project you required images for tabbar control. Suppose you want to create four tab then you need eight images for tabs (selected and unselected images) and one image for background.
This control is not robust enough to display icon and text but It is possible using design.  design your tab image with icon and text.
Step 1 : Create Android Project using eclipse with following parameter.
            Project Name : TabbarControl
            Activity Name : FirstTab
Step 2 : Create package named "com.…