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Android Chat with Google GCM XMPP

This Android tutorial is to walk you through create an Android chat application using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) using its Google Cloud Connection Server (CSS) via XMPP. Using Google CCS we can send upstream messages from an Android device to another and we will be using that feature primarily to do this chat application.

If you are new to Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), then you need to check a previous introductory tutorial “Google Cloud Messaging GCM for Android and Push Notifications”. This tutorial will help to understand the basics, setup the prerequisite and start this wonderful GCM journey.

Making of GCM Chat Application
•A cool Splash screen (just for fun) 
•A Simple Android List View (available chat users list screen) 
•A List View wit Row Layout (chat conversation display) 
•Chat Bubble 
•GCM upstream communication with XMPP 
When we put together all the above, we get a nice Android chat application. I have already written detailed tutorials on all the above topics. In this tutoria…