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Difference between DVM( Dalvik Virtual Machine) and ART

What Is A Runtime Environment?  Runtime comprises of software instructions that execute when your program is running, even if they’re not essentially are a part of the code of that piece of software in particular. These instructions basically translate the software’s own code into the code that the computer is capable of running. Therefore, all computer languages require some sort of runtime environment that can properly execute the code written in that language. Android makes use of a virtual machine as its runtime environment in order to run the APK files that constitute an Android application. The advantage of using a virtual machine is twofold – firstly, the app code is isolated from the core operating system, ensuring that should something go wrong, it’s contained in an isolated environment and does not effect the primary OS. And secondly, it allows for cross-compatibility, meaning even if an app is compiled on another platform (such as a PC, as is usually the case with developi…