Sencha Touch 2

Why Sencha Touch 2


1. As a Android developer we need to implement UI in a generic way as much as possible ,even though
project is targeting to particular device. Because android support multiple screen sizes.
Eg: 7 inch, 10 inch tablets , phone devices with different sizes.

2. If we are working on Iphone, we need to develop UI for both Ipad and Iphone. Same case in other technologies also.

Here the question is can we develop UI to work in all the devices irrespective of the size ???
Here one more question is can we develop UI to work in most of the popular devices irrespective of platform like Android/Iphone/BlackBerry/Windows ???

Answer to the above questions is "Sencha Touch 2"

What is Sencha Touch 2 ???
-Framework that enables developers to build fast and impressive apps that works on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire etc and produce a native-apps.
-It's a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework .
-Portability across multiple platforms. (cross-platform).
- Ease of Development.
- One developer can implement UI for all the devices irrespective of Device or platform.
- It makes specific use of HTML5 to deliver components like audio and video, as well as a localStorage proxy for saving data offline .
- Makes extensive use of CSS3 to provide a robust styling layer.

Advantages of Native apps?
-Native look and feel.
-Access to Device features like File system, GPS etc.
-Navigation speed is more.

What’s so Special about Sencha Touch?

There are some obvious advantages of using Sencha Touch. The specialty of this framework is its features, and they make it one of the most preferable platform to develop hybrid applications. Sencha has gained its popularity because of its following advantages :

  • Highly compatible with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and is built with web standards
  • Provides highest level of flexibility and optimization to the apps
  • High compatibility with the most advanced operating systems like iOS and Android
  • Provides pixel-perfect, cross-browser fidelity
  • Access to building blocks like Grids, carousels, nested lists, trees, toolbars for consumers, and enterprise applications
  • Customized enhanced touch events like tap, double tap, swipe, pinch and rotate
  • Allows the developers to use special themes for different devices


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