Latest Android Interview Questions

1. Difference between Service and AsyncTask?
2. Life cycle of fragment?
  • 5. How mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi folder works?
  • 6. Custom UI design procedure?
  • 7. Bluetooth connection and how u will pair?
  • 8. Abstract, interface, inheritance?
  • 9. Overloading, over riding?
  • 10. What is thread, process, and how will u create thread?
  • 11. What is synchronization and where will you use it?
  • 12. Why we will go for serialization and its importance in java?
  • 13. HashMap, hashtable, iterator, enumaration?
  • 14. which one is best to use ArrayList or LinkedList?
  • 15. what is ThreadLocal?
  • 16. StoredProcedure, Sqlite
  • 17. Difference between IntentService n service?
  • 18. How will you create Broadcase receiver and where u used in ur project?
  • 19. What is a “DOCTYPE” tag and what does this tag do?
  • 20. How does a browser come to know, if the page written is in HTML4.1 or HTML5?


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