MNC: Android and Java interview questions

Java Questions:
1)      What is the difference between Java IPC and Android IPC?
2)      What is the main specific difference between GET and POST?
3)      Factory design pattern
4)      What are all the design patterns you know?
5)      What is throw, throws and Throwable?
6)      Explain, How synchronization concepts  works internally in java ?(not  technically)
7)      Explain synchronization through operating system concepts?
8)      What will happen if
                Object obj=null;
9)      Rules to use synchronization?
10)   About Synchronization concept of static and non- static method using Class level lock ?
            a)   If more than one threads are running then how threads they can operate on same static synchronized method simultaneously?
            b) Class level lock, can have more than 1 threads are able to execute in non-static synchronized method
11) Difference of Hashtable , Hashset and  Hashmap?
Android questions:
1)      Life cycle of Activity
2)      What is Empty process?
3)      How many types of broadcast receivers and explain their features and main difference betwwen them?
a)      What is the main purpose of stickyBroadcast ?
4)      If A,B,C activites are available  then if you are moving from B to C then B activity should not go for onStop() method? what will you do? Whether is there any scenario like this?Explain?
5)      How AIDL works in Android?
6)      Have you worked on TabActivity?
7)      How you will get the location point and how it will update to device?
Explain your Android projects? Why you have choose those projects? is there any specific reason beyond this?
How you feel while working on our projects?


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