Questions faced in interviews by MNC

OOPS Concepts:--
1)      Encapsulation, Abstraction ,Polymorphism and Inheritance.
2)      Difference between abstract class and interface.
3)      Difference between early binding and run time binding.
4)      When to use abstract class and interface(give some example).

Core Java :--

1)      Difference between various collection classes :
a)Difference between HashMap and HashTable.
b)Differences between Arraylist and vector.
2)      Thread synchronization
3)      IPC mechanism for threads, using wait(),notify().
4)      Consumer, producer problem for threads.
5)      Difference between static and static synchronized methods.

Android :

1)      Explain all the fundamental blocks in android.
2)      In which all scenarios the onPause() method for an activity get called.
3)      Local service and remote service binding.
4)      Difference between binding using Messenger and AIDL.
5)      Advantage of using Messenger over AIDL for remote binding.
6)      How to query content provider and displaying the data in a list view.
7)      Explain different types of Adapters used in android.
8)      Tasks and Process in Android.
9)      AsyncTask and handlers in android.
10)   How to create a SqliteDatabase and querying the database.
11)    How to dynamically update a listview, without requerying the provider,if any data is changed.

Interview questions for second round:  

1)      Explain all the projects, the features you have implemented in the projects.
2)      Permissions in android, where you have used and which type of permissions you have used.
3)      C2DM in android, how it works.
4)      In a real world application for example Facebook how you are going to implement the features provided, take some of the features and explain your
Approach that how you are going to implement those features.
5)      Scenario like some URL’s we are having and from those URL’s we have to download images(say 1500 images) and we have to show them in our listview, so how we will be downloading those
Images(sequentially or in some other way).
6)      Scenario like we have two applications which belongs to the same vendor, so how can we exchange data between those two application considering data security as a major concern.
7)      Scenario like we are having a application on our device which is used to block user from accesing vulnerable contents and malware sites, so if a user is accesing any vulnerable site using
the android browser application so how can we block the user from accesing those sites using our application, how our application will come to know if user is accessing vulnerable contents using android browser application which is running separately.

1) What are the main components in android?
2) Explain fragments in android?
3) What is ANR?
4)  Explain Components are running in main thread or other thread?
       1) Service perform long running operations in the background. After 5  sec  ANR should show but         why it is not showing ANR why ? explain?
5) How many ways store the data in android?
6) When do you go for SQLite and ContentProvider ?
7)  One activity starts(like eBook reading)  and running on the foreground , second activity comes on foreground  means first activity should be background .again second activity closed and first activity should be on foreground ( like old position).
               1) explain what will be activity states?(Don’t say  Activity life cycle methods execution on the background )
              2) explain what will be happened on above scenario ,when  press home button and back button? (Don’t say  Activity life cycle methods execution on the background )
             3) ) explain what will be happened on above scenario, when change  from portrait to landscape ? (Don’t say  Activity life cycle methods execution on the background )
8) Explain about tasks in android?
9) Explain about all projects what have you done (like start to end)?
10) Explain about latest project what you have done in that project (like technically)?
11)Explain about you are working experience?
Java :
1)      Explain static block in java?
2)      Created  two threads in my class , one thread for to display even numbers and second  thread for to display odd numbers. But my result would be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.........
3)      What is the difference between static block and constructor in java?

Android Part:
1.Explain Android Architecture.
2. Types of Layouts. to make notification clickable.
4.what is Layoutopt tool.
5.Activity Life Cycle.
6.Data storage mechanism in Android.
7.What is Content Providers.
8.Building Blocks of Android.
9.intent definition with explicit and implicit.

Core Java Part:
1.Synchonization and Serialization.
2.Diffrence in ArrayList and Vector.
3.Diffreence in String and StringBuffer.
4.OOP’s Concept.
5.Difference between Interface and Abstract Class.

What are android components and explain then briefly
How do we pass data in android
How do we register receiver - explain with syntax
Explain services
How do we bind services
How do we bind remote services
How do we save user data in android
Explain onCreate() method of Activity
Write a simple query to fetch records in database.
Explain last project
Describe briefly about your work experience.
Describe your favorite project
On the login screen, If user enters userid and password and presses Home button and then again opens the application, the same values appear on the screen. Explain why
In the above scenario, how can we force application to clear text fields when user reopen the application.
Why does application not get destroyed when user presses the Home Button.
When does the application gets killed
How can we write a log when application gets killed
Explain bind service.
Explain services
Explain AsyncTask  - methods and how do we execute it.
How does one java thread pass message to other java thread.


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