FAQ in interviews on Android

1.       What is your expertise?

2.       Explain your project design aspects? What are the design methodology?How many thread are you used in your project? Explain thread flow?

3.       What is fragment? what are the advantages of fragment? Can we use fragment instead of multiple activity? If so what are the reasons?

4.       Are you use Service in your project?  Why ?( Yes/No, Respect to your answer) How you exhange data betweem service and activity?

5.       Can your service and activity run in different process? If so, then how you can communicate? Explain AIDL interface?

6.       What are the uses of AsynTask?  What are the key method of AsyncTask?  These key method running in same thread or multiple thread?

7.       What is abstract class? what is need of abstruct class? how it differ from interface?

8.       What is ANR?  how you debug  ANR? If your app has 10 activity and one of the activity throwing ANR, then how you will figure out ANR activity?

9.       what is thread safe? how you will synchronize thread?

10.   How you debug crash? Explain it step by step.  Is there any command/ method to enable crash dump?

11.   How you filter logs?  Can we filter log based on process ID? what are the commands?

12.   Can we differentiate multiple thread logs? How ?

13.   Memory leaks in Java and how JVM resolves it?

14.   Threads and multi threading

15.   suppose there are 3 threads viz, T1, T2, T3. how UI (attached to main thread) gets updated while these threads complete their execution.

16.   difference between Inheritance & abstract class and scenarios about when to use

17.   life cycle of service

18.   how do you debug an app and what all are the tools you are aware

19.   how do you debug ANR (App Not Responding) related issues

20.   exceptions and try-catch blocks

21.   what if input stream is not closed after usage

22.   Memory leaks in Android and tools to check if any app is leaking memory

23.   What are the best practices that one should follow to write a good code w.r.t  to allocation/freeing of memory

24.   How do you ensure that your program does not leave behind any references? How do you check this?

25.   What is a broadcast receiver? Can it leak memory ? If yes, how and how to ensure it does not?

26.   Can an app that gets the "Context" reference from the framework leak the reference? If so, how to avoid it?

27.   What are the different layouts in Android? How will you create optimal layouts?

28.   When will you use an interface and an abstract class? What is the difference between them?

29.   What is "final" and "finalize" in Java?

30.   What is multithreaded UI ?

31.   Design patterns : what is the pattern you have used in your project and why ?

32.   What are the major advantages in Android framework?


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